Servo-actuators for rotary drive-nuts CHR

TECHNAI TEAM proposes a range of hollow shaft actuators for ballscrews where the rotary motion is effected by the half nut. The hollow shaft servomotor directly drives the half nut ensuring superior dynamic performance compared to a servomotor with toothed belt.

The direct connection of the servo-motor to the half nut is a clear advantage for the dynamic control of the axis, permitting potential doubling in acceleration response performance and precision in the execution of programmed movements. The CHR servo-system drives provide an optimal solution for average-long traverse stroke particularly effective on heavy machine tools.

Servo-actuators in the CHR series are proposed in the sizes DN 63, DN 80 and DN 100

Advantages of the CHR solution by TECHNAI TEAM:

• Compact and symmetrical sizes.

• No radial load, the motor is connected directly to the rotary half nut.

• Superior dynamic performance, precision and silent movements.

• Highly favourable volume/torque ratio.

• Control of thermal drifts optimised with integrated water-cooling circuit.